short story (still a work in progress)

Pulling into the circus of the old run down mansion, Elisa felt a knot in the pits of her stomach. She gazed passed the now dead bushel of roses, planted by her late great-grandmother Diana. Face to face with reality, Elisa put her brand new 1976  Impala in reverse, she wasn’t ready for this. Before she could even put her foot on the pedal, she shoved gears back into park and burst into a rage of tears. She buried her face into the steering wheels comfort. She wailed out loud, after all there was no one there to hear her.

Tap Tap Tap A man tall, with great big broad shoulders, dreamy chestnut eyes, and dark golden locks snuggled to either side of his face, stood at the front of her passanger door with an envelope buried in his big masculine hands. Elisa popped her head up immediately upon hearing the short taps on the window. She did not bother to wipe the running mascara off, she inched her window down so that the man could drop the envelope inside; he did just that. He began to walk away. Elisa ripped the small envelope open and began reading a letter from, well she did not know who it was from.  She stopped in mid sentence jumped out of the car and ran after the dreamy eyed man. She did not see where he went or where he came from.  She searched around the estate, and pondered on going inside.



Love people even though they do not have your best interest at heart

It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when you come across someone who will smile in your face and talk about you to someone else. Please do not repay them by talking about them also, simply pray for them. That is where they are in life, and we have to learn to love people right where they are; often time we want to get “revenge”. Do not base how you will treat people on how they treat you.

#Food For Thought

What inspires you?

Oct 22, 2012

I think everyone should find something that inspires them, whether it be a person, a thing, or even a place. I have a few people who truly inspire me to never give up. Fisrt person being my mom, she raised me by herself. Her backstory of her life inspires me to never give up. One day maybe I will put it all in a book to reveal to the world, but for now it will be locked away in my personal journals. Another person who inspires me is my grandmother. I think that when you reach a certain age you have abundant wisdom and almost everything that comes out of your mouth is inspirational, I don’t know maybe it’s just my grandmother. When I see people who have been through different trials and tribulations and how resilent and humble they become in the process, it inspires me to not let anything hold me back no matter what the situation. So I leave you with this, dream big and  I truly encourage everyone to take the time to be inspired.


Hello world!

I am super excited and I hope you enjoy everything you read as much as I will enjoy writing it.  I hope to hear some really great feedback.  This is my very first time ever creating a blog.

Happy blogging!

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